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Founded in 1928, Tote has grown into one of the most formidable stakeholders in the New Zealand online gambling space. Tote has its headquarters in Wigan, England, and is owned by the New Zealand Tote Group, a group of passionate breeders and racehorse owners.

In the New Zealand, Tote’s position as one of the pioneers of betting in the football and racing (horse racing) space is uncontested.

Tote is a proud sponsor of notable New Zealand horse racing events. The Racehorse Owners Sponsorship Scheme counts among Tote’s reputable catalogue of sponsored events — a glowing testament to its reputation.

Tote profers top-notch betting services across web and mobile devices. One thing to really point out from Tote’s betting platform is its eye-catching design, crisp visuals, user-friendliness, and easy navigation.

In this Tote review, we will be taking a look at the range of bonuses this bookmaker offers, min deposit requirement, and the range of free sports bet you can get at Tote.

ToteSport Bookmaker Reliability and safety

A bookmaker’s safety and dependability significantly influence the attractiveness of its bonus offers.

We had very few worries about exploring Tote’s bonuses as the bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the New Zealand Gambling Commission.

The latter is one of the most respected gambling regulatory bodies in Europe, with high betting standards common across its license holders.

In New Zealand, Tote is registered under account number 54779. While operating with the trading name TDCO Limited, Tote has the company number 11300287, which operates in England and Wales.

It is worth noting that Tote takes cybersecurity (and the safety of customers’ senstive data) seriously. Consequently, Tote uses 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard your data and card details when using the website.

The 128-bit SSL encryption is arguably one of the most robust SSL security protocols today, making the data you input on the site impossible to hack or crack.

Aside from using the 128-bit SSL encryption system, Tote also employs a range of security measures to keep both your data and theirs safe. Some of the notable ways Tote protects data is through employing firewalls, intrusion systems, and of course, physical security agents.

Although Tote has a good range of security measures set in place, it is also advisable to have a personal security measure in place. Setting up your account with hard-to-guess passwords, watching out for the SSL encryption icon on the website, and avoiding the use of public Wifi are a few ways you can keep your account safe.

This bookmaker is also dedicated to combating compulsive gambling, partnering with safe gambling advocates like

How to access Tote Sign Up Offer

Registering a new account is the first step to accessing bonus packages at Tote.

Indeed, Tote’s signup process is pretty easy on a desktop or mobile interface. For this review, we will use our experience on the Tote desktop platform.

To open an account with Tote, head over to the official website and click on the ‘Join’ button that is found in the top right corner of the screen.

The signup process is a three-step process that will prompt you to set up your login details and collect your data.

After confirming your account and following all requests to get your account up and running, you need to complete your registration process by verifying your account.

For your account to be verified, you will need to provide personal details like as proof of address, proof of identity, and confirmation of payment method.

For your proof of address, you may need to provide either a utility bill or an official record that shows your address. Keep in mind that your proof of address needs to be current and not older than three months.

You will also need a piece of identity like a voter’s card, national identity card, passport, driver’s license, or any other acceptable piece of identity.

And when it comes to the confirmation of your payment method, you would need to verify whatever payment method you have used to make a deposit into your Tote account, which would likely be the recognized method for your withdrawals, too.

 Bet £5 get £20 welcome offer | Totesport promo code

Tote’s welcome offer was reasonably appealing –albeit customized to the racing market. In this offer, new customers get £20 in free bets after making a stipulated minimum Tote deposit of £5.

After setting up your account, the welcome offer is automatically triggered should your first bet (and prior first deposit) satisfy Tote’s benchmarks.

Specifically, your qualifying bet is the first racing bet you make with at £5 wager stake. And whether you win or lose on your bet, you will receive a tote credit worth £20, which raises your betting stake to £25. This promotion doesn’t require a Totesport bonus code.

As is conventional with the New Zealand sports betting industry, bonuses are not indefinite.

Note that the free bet accrued expires after 7 days, you haven’t used your these £20 free bets by placing your first bet within 7 days of setting up your account, Tote will have the welcome free bets removed from your account.

You should also keep in mind that you will not be able to withdraw, substitute, or exchange this £20 welcome bonus. But you will be able to withdraw, exchange, and substitute the winnings you have made from the bets placed with Tote credits you made from the welcome bonus.

Meanwhile, if you have set up your account, made a deposit, and placed your first bet without seeing the welcome bonus reflected in your bet slip, it is advisable to remain calm for the next 24 hours.

While this may seem like a downgrade from the £30 in free bets this bookmaker previously offered, this package has way easier conditions, especially withdrawing wins from a qualifying bet when a totewin occurs.

We have seen bookmakers whose sign-up offer that demanded new customers place a first bet of £10. We have also seen those with malicious terms that meant free credit cannot be withdrawn.

From what we experienced, it can take up to 24 hours (after first racing pool bet added) for qualifying bet to be settled and for the £20 welcome bonus to be credited to your account.

But if that doesn’t happen in the next 24 hours, you can reach the customer care service and lay a complaint.

£20 in free bet Tote welcome Terms and Conditions

Note that all bets do not qualify for this offer. For example, if you are making your bets in the virtual games or the Ten to Follow section of the platform, the welcome bonus will not be valid.

The sign-up free bets are only valid for racing pools (exclusive to new customers online). Again, in the £20 welcome bonus, £10 Tote credit is exclusively redeemable against racing bets racing bets and £10 redeemable only for New Zealand placepot bets.

We understand (these terms associated with this welcome offer) can be discouraging as the majority of New Zealand punters like to try their bonuses on football bets (as we see on a sportsbook like Betfred).

That said, the qualifying Tote racing bets for the welcome bonus include Totejackpot, Toteplacepot, Toteexacta, Totetrifecta, Totescoop6, Totesurvivor, Toteswinger, Totequadpot, Totewin, and Toteplace bet.

Very importantly, this welcome free bet is limited to one user per bonus and rarely available for in play betting. If you are cutting corners to opening multiple accounts to claim multiple welcome free bets, you put your account at risk.

Tote has the right to close or suspend duplicated accounts and void all active bets placed on the account. Remember that free bets (offered by Tote) are only redeemable against New Zealand races.

Tote bonus packages for existing customers

Aside from this welcome offer, Tote offers several attractive bonuses to new and existing customers. This ensures that you have more bonuses to feast on after enjoying Tote’s welcome bonus.

Tote Syndicate enhanced winning bonus package

Tote is one of the very few bookmakers that provide punters with significantly increased chances of winning thanks to its Syndicate bet arrangement.

Aside from propping up winnings, this bookmaker offers the syndicate bet feature to make horse racing betting fun and give it a sense of community. It is also a great opportunity to build a bet team and collectively attack and win jackpots.

You can view Tote syndicate bet feature as a crowd-funding way to dive into pool betting. Basically, Tote syndicate betting work by having a user join forces with other users on the platform to create a single horse racing ticket called ‘The Syndicate Ticket.’

To make a syndicate ticket on Tote, you can either create your syndicate and become the captain or join an existing syndicate that has a captain.

In a syndicate, there is always a captain whose job is to make the selections and control cash-out decisions on the ticket. Speaking of cash-out decisions, every contributor will get a portion of the winnings according to how much they have contributed.

There are a number of reasons to jump on the Tote Syndicate offer, especially if you are new to the betting world. Joining a syndicate gives you the opportunity to learn from experts and experienced bettors and partake in their winnings.

This is an excellent opportunity to bettors looking to maximize their winnings on their first racing pool bet while minimizing their risk exposure.

 Tote Fantasy Club Sports Bet

The Fantasy Club allows loyal customers to enjoy magnified wins on selected racing fixtures. This is different from the conventional free bet winsTote welcomes new customers with.

To participate in the Fantasy Club, pick seven horses. You can also view what kind of horses other bettors are selecting for the race.

You can also choose boosts to get an edge over your competitors. In the end, the competitor who scores the most points wins the jackpot.

In the Tote Fantasy Club, you score points as your horses run and make it up the leaderboard. Also, the bigger the size of the field in a game, the more opportunity you have to make more points.

If your horses clear the field and finish in the first place, you will be awarded bonus points. This bonus doesn’t need a totesport promo code to be activated.

To receive a free Fantasy Bet at the start of a new week (Monday), you are required to partake in Fantasy Club activities throughout a week.

The free Fantasy Bet is worth £7 Tote Fantasy Credit. This credit has a 7-day expiry timeline. To earn this bonus, you are required a stake at least seven Tote Fantasy bets worth £7.

Tote Grand National sweepstake free bets

The Grand National Sweepstake is another dedicated horse race offer where bettors can opt in, bet, and also win bet credits stakes.

With the Grand National sweepstake, you can stake bets and £10 in free bet could be yours. For this race, you and every other player will be allocated just one horse. If you win, Tote will award you the worth £10 free bets that can only be used on Irish and New Zealand placepot bets.

To be eligible for the Grand National sweepstake promotion, you must opt-in during the opt-in period, which is at the scheduled first race time.

If you opt in after the scheduled first race, you will not be recognized as a valid player. This competition and its free bets rewards are available to only one player, household, IP address, and email address.

If your horse comes out as the winner of the race at the end of the game, your Tote credit reward, along with any bonus you might have picked up, will be awarded to your account within 24 hours.

Tote Stayer’ club free bets

Tote Stayer’ club brings a range of freebies, exclusives, and tickets to the platform. This promotion offers you the chance to win something every week.

Every week, you get the chance to be rewarded with stayers credit if, at the specified staking level, you place at least six qualifying bets. Tote stayers credit bonus ranges from £2, £5, to £10.

You qualify for £2 worth of Stayers credit if you place a minimum of six qualifying bets that are worth over £2.

If you place a minimum of six qualifying bets that are worth over £5, you stand the chance of winning £5 worth of Stayers credit — a unique Tote free bet.

And if you place a minimum number of six qualifying bets that are worth over £10, you will qualify for £10 worth of Stayers credit.

Also, take note that your bets will only be qualified bets if you bet on the following bet types: Swinger, Exacta, Trifecta, Survivor, Scoop6, Jackpot, Quadpot, and Placepot.

You will be qualified for the Stayers Exclusive promotions in the following week, if you have participated in the Stayers Club promotion in the last week.

The Exclusive promotions promise the stayers shouts-out, an exclusive betting tip announced every Friday for Saturday’s racing by Andrew Mount.

Other perks you will be getting from the exclusive promotion include Placepot insurance at Wolverhampton, Doncaster, Newcastle, and Southwell, and free £2 exotics bets on Hong Kong racing. You also stand the chance of getting a free Quadpot and Aintree bet.

Aside from offering weekly opportunities to win bonuses, the Stayers Club also offers monthly prize draws to help you win racing tickets. Every month, you have the chance to compete for five pairs of racing tickets if you have qualified for any Stayers Club reward twice in the previous week.

If you win the monthly prize draws, the 5 pairs of race tickets will be awarded to you as just one Jockey Club E-Gift, which is worth £100 each or £50 per pair. You will only be able to redeem prizes on the Jockey Club course.

Tote Guarantee bonus (Get the best of both)

Totesport offers a guarantee that promises you nothing less than the starting prices if you place a winning bet. This maximizes racing pool bet added to your slip.

Consequently, you no longer have to worry about placing your bets too early or too late since your bet will be fulfilled at the highest possible prices regardless.

Interestingly, this guarantee covers all Tote Win bets placed on any New Zealand race on,, or the Tote app, running up to a maximum investment of £500.

The larger industry starting price (“SP”) or the standard dividend offered to clients making bets on Tote Channels or Racecourses will be used to settle winning wagers.

Remember that under this campaign, the maximum Tote Guarantee Boost per selection for any individual or individuals placing wagers on the Tote Channels is £1,000.

Here is another thing to note, regardless of whether the SP is greater, Tote has the authority to pay consumers at the Standard Dividend if there is suspicion of price manipulation or many customers betting collectively.

Tote Plus bonus

The Tote Plus bonus is one of the rarest in the market. In this offer, you are paid 10% more than the typical dividend if you successfully bet on a Tote+ Pool.

The Tote+ sign basically informs you which pools are available for the Tote+ bonus. This sign indicates which offers you can gain greater earnings from.

Remember that the Tote+ Bonus is only applicable to payouts of 1.20 or higher.

The enhanced dividend will be applied to the usual tote win dividend when you place a winning bet on a Tote+ Pool.

The Tote Guarantee will take effect and raise the payment to the SP equivalent if the increased Tote+ win dividend ultimately turns out to be less than the Starting Price (SP).

Tote Spin the wheel bonuses

If you are a slot enthusiast, then you definitely need to jump on this Tote bonus.

Getting in is simple. First, Tote demands you bet a minimum of £200 on slot games within the week. This is effectively from Monday 00:00 – Sunday 23:59.

Fulfilling this requirement allows you to earn one spin on the prize wheel.

Of course, there are limits to what you can get. Specifically,Tote only allows you to acquire one spin per day.

But there is even more to take home. By wagering £200 on subsequent days, you can gain additional spins.

Ultimately, you can bag a total of 5 spins. Tote credits your free spins rapidly. From our experience, you will be credited within 48 hours after each promotional week concludes.

You have until midnight on the Sunday following the addition of credits to use them. We were impressed with the range of games you can use the free spins on.

Simply open any game to use your free spin(s), and a “Spin that wheel” pop-up will display.

To spin the wheel, click “Spin,” then “Play Now.” Finally, to claim your bonus, click “Collect.” You must leave the game and start over if you’ve received more than one spin.

Note that the maximum amount you can win from spinning the Prize Wheel once is £100, and any additional credits will be put into your primary Tote wallet.

At the end of the day, the maximum derivable funds from this deal are pegged at £500.

Tote Drops and Wins offer

This is an exclusive offer only accessible by a custom link Tote sends you after you opt in to this offer. We are compelled to emphasize that this bonus offer can only be used on select games.

Typically, you can access the games allowed via the landing page clicking the link (Tote sends you after opting-in) leads you to.

The promotion is a weekly event that has a daily prize drop that lasts throughout the duration of the promotion.

And then the fun begins.

Place a real money bet on an eligible slot machine with a minimum stake of £0.50 or greater.

A total of 384 daily prize drops are included in this offer, which consists of twelve seven-day tournaments.

A £63,000 prize pool, with a top prize of £10,000, is available in each weekly event, along with 1,700 cash prizes and free round bonuses.

With a daily prize pool of £9,000 and a maximum prize multiplier of 1,000x, 550 cash prizes and free round bonuses will be distributed randomly to 550 qualifying spins of £0.50 or more each day.

You are eligible to win more than one prize, but only one reward in any given spin. Moving forward, the total projected prize pool for the whole Network Promotion is an astounding £1,500,000.

Within 72 hours following the conclusion of the appropriate Weekly Tournament or Daily Prize Drop, successful players will receive payment in the form of cash, which will be added to their accounts.

What are Tote bonus credits, and how do they work?

Do you want to bet but don’t feel like using your own funds? Well, we have some exciting news for you! Tote Credit is ready to assist!

Using the Tote Credit, you may place a wager without using your own funds and yet have all the same betting options as if you were using real money. Additionally, there is the benefit of actual money distributions and no dividend deduction!

You may easily top up your bet with cash if intend placing bets larger than your Tote Credit amount.

The best thing is that Tote offers a variety of ways to earn Tote Credit, including registration bonuses and becoming a devoted Tote user.

As a result, you have more opportunities to earn free Tote Credit the more you use Tote’s betting products and services. Individuals who wish to enjoy gaming without running the danger of losing their own money may find this choice to be very beneficial.

How to bet with bonus winnings on Tote Sportsbook

Betting with your winnings from free bets on Tote is relatively seamless. However, the process differs from your traditional sports bets other bookie are able to offer.

Let us explain.

When you place a bet with Tote, your wager is combined with the bets of other customers and put into a pool.

After the race, the winners share the pool money according to how much they initially bet. It’s a fun and unique way to bet on horse racing since you’re not competing against a bookmaker but rather with other racegoers and bettors.

And from our experience, this has massive advantages as the bookmaker gives you the maximal opportunity to win.

Tote does not determine the odds for every horse in a race. Instead, the number of persons who backed that horse determines the reward for a winning wager.

Effectively, if you wager on a less well-liked horse and it wins, you may anticipate a higher payment than if you had done so on the favorite.

You will always receive an estimate of the dividend depending on the amount in the pool at your wager, even if the payment isn’t known until after the race.

Tote Payment and deposit methods

To make deposits and withdrawals on Tote’s platform, a variety of payment methods can be utilized, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid cards.

The lowest deposit amount for Tote Payment is often approximately £10, while the maximum deposit amount per transaction is typically around £5,000.

The operator and the payment method define the minimum and maximum withdrawal and deposit amounts. Most operators in the New Zealand have a £10 minimum deposit requirement, and others may just have a £5 requirement.

Operators and payment options may have different maximum deposit limits, although the amount is often in the range of £5,000 per transaction.

The minimum limit for withdrawals is £10, while some operators may only have a minimum limit of £5.

The maximum withdrawal amount can also differ across service providers and payment options.

However, it typically ranges between £10,000 and £15,000 per transaction. Nevertheless, certain providers could have lower thresholds, particularly for e-wallets and prepaid cards.

What is tote credit?

This is a feature that enables individuals to place a bet without using their own money. It provides the same betting functionality as real money stake, but with the added advantage of no dividend deduction and real money payouts.

In the event that an individual wants to place a bet that exceeds their eligible credit balance, they can top up their bet with cash.

Tote provides various chances to earn credits, ranging from signup bonuses to being an ongoing Tote customer.

It encourages customers to continue using Tote’s services and products. This alternative is helpful for individuals who want to gamble but don’t want to risk their own money.

Tote Bonus FAQ

Does Tote have a welcome bonus?

Yes, Tote currently offers a welcome bonus for new customers who sign up and place a bet of £10 or more. You get the free bets credited 24 hours after the qualifying bet settlement. That said, these free bet stakes have a 7 day expiry limit.

How do I qualify for The Tote welcome bonus?

To qualify for the Tote welcome offer, the customer needs to sign up and place a bet on any pool–meeting the minimum £5 bet. The bonus will be automatically added to the account.

Can The Tote welcome bonus be used on all horse racing markets?

The Tote welcome bonus can only be redeemable against any future placepot bets on New Zealand and Irish horse racing.

What other bonuses does Tote offer?

Tote often provides a variety of incentives and promotions. These include Extra Places, Tote Guarantee, Best Odds Guaranteed, and seasonal and event-specific promotions. Note that full t cs apply to these promotions.

Can I withdraw the bonus funds from my account?

The bonus funds received from The Tote welcome bonus cannot be directly withdrawn, but the winnings generated from these funds can be withdrawn after meeting the specified requirements.

What happens if I don’t meet the terms and conditions of The Tote bonus?

You won’t be eligible to get The Tote bonus or any winnings resulting from it if you don’t meet the terms and conditions.

Is there a maximum limit to the amount I can win on Tote?

No, there is no maximum limit to the amount that can be won on Tote. Similarly, Tote doesn’t currently have an upper limit for the stake size you can wager on a bet.

Typically, the amount accruable from your Tote betting depends on the pool size.

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